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well, yesterday started out pretty boring. then that night after work it got a little more exciting. i hadn't planned on going back up to the coffee shop at night, ever. but my friend fargon had told me if i get bored to come to the tap room or the backdoor bars off of bardstown road. so i ended up going up to highland coffee and then we hung out there for a little bit. then we went up to the tap room at nine thirty-ten. he showed me around the place. it is smaller than the coffee house almost, but it's nice because you get to talk to people easier and not feel as crowded as other places. things hadn't picked up yet so we went over to the backdoor for a little bit. it was boring over there too so he walked me back over to the tap room. people over there are more my around my age. people over at the backdoor were a little bit of an older crowd.

fargon ended up leaving so i talked to the bartender a little bit and the other people there. started talking to the dj that was in charge of the kareokee. he was nice to talk to, he gave me his number and i gave him mine. not looking for anything, but he seems like he'd be cool to hang out with at least. i sang highway to hell with one of the guys up there and a few other songs. i wasn't very good, but i had fun. going back tomorrow night when they have a band and kareokee playing as well. looking forward to it. =)
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